European Plant Science Retreat 2018

What is EPSR?

The European Plant Science Retreat is a yearly congress organized by and for PhD students working in Plant Biology all across Europe. It is the perfect occasion to discuss with other PhD students working in similar fields, present your projects and results, and network. During the congress, selected PhD students are invited to give oral presentations, or poster presentations. Leading the congress is a group of keynote speakers from academia, industry, and more.

The Netherlands is the country of the plant breeders, and as such we give PhDs plenty of opportunities to interact with private industry. Talks from industry as well as company stalls during a poster session are incorporated into the program.

We invite everyone visiting to interact with industry, leading PIs from academia, and of course international PhD students.

Previous EPSR editions

Since the first edition in Wageningen (NL), EPSR has been organized in Cologne (GE), Paris (FR), Norwich (UK), Ghent (BE), Amsterdam (NL), again Paris (FR), and Barcelona (SP). In 2017, the 9th EPSR took place in Toulouse (FR), where 95 PhD students from nine countries gathered. Keynote speakers from academia and other areas were Malcolm Bennett, Pierre-Marc Delaux, Laurent Deslandes, Carol Featherstone, Caroline Gutjahr, Jane Lecomte, Bruno Guillotin, Pierre Joly, and Dimitris Petroutsos.

EPSR 2017 in Toulouse.

EPSR 2016 in Barcelona.