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European Plant Science Retreat 2018


Registration is now open for all PhD candidates.

To promote participation of PhD students from non-Dutch institutes, we give those students the opportunity to pre-subscribe one month ahead of the students from Dutch institutes. in total we can accommodate 150 PhD students.

Registration open international institutes: 1st of March 2018
Registration open Dutch institutes: 1st of April 2018
Deadline registration: 1st of May 2018


Note that participation for EPSR2018 is free of charge!



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*Please note that people that are not selected for an oral presentation are asked to bring a poster.
Please list the presenting author first (full name), followed by the other authors (inititals and last name). Separate names by a comma. Example: John Walker, J. Jameson, R.H. Aberlour
Add the affiliations of the authors in the order of the author list above. If multiple authors are from the same institute, only submit it once. example: Plant Microbe Interactions, Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Dinner and and first two drinks are free of charge.